The RD Feed will go live when the leaderboards are launched soon!
Rhythm Destruction is a rhythm & shoot'em up that aims to combine the best of both genres. Blast and maneuver your way through perilous stages filled with numerous enemies, obstacles and unique boss encounters. Stay on beat to rack up the highest score possible and compete against others on the global leaderboards!

Enemies and objects in Rhythm Destruction are destroyed via timed key presses that go along with the beat of the music. The hand crafted stages are filled with many obstacles, traps, and plenty of bullets that make for unrelenting action. Each stage also includes a unique boss encounter that will put all of your skills to the test.

Rhythm Destruction tracks high scores across all game types and stages. It also features a scrolling feed to update you on whats happening around the community in real time in regards to new records, high scores and game news.
• 10 challenging and diverse stages

• Pumping soundtrack provided by 'Oscillator X' and many others

• Leaderboard support for all game modes

• Receive live updates on high scores, community news and more with the 'RD Feed'

• Over 40 achievements to unlock

• Continued developer support with regular DLC updates, both free and paid

• Xbox & PS Controller Support
What platforms will be the game be available on?
For now the game is a PC exclusive. Depending on the success of the game, we may port it over to mobile devices.

What plans do you have for DLC?
Our first DLC pack is available now, at the moment we dont have any plans for another but that may change if there is demand for it.

How many difficulties does the game include?
There are 5 Tiers of difficulty, additionally, each stage offers a "casual" mode.

What style of music is the soundtrack comprised of?
Electronic dance. The style for future stages will be determined through community feedback.

Would the game be considered more of a rhythm game or a shooter?
In our opinion it is a 50/50 split. The majority of gameplay involves equal parts of rhythm and shooter. However, each stage does include a "Hyper Section" which is 100% rhythm based. Each one lasts about 30 seconds and are always the toughest rhythm parts in the stage. Boss fights on the other hand are nearly the exact opposite. With the majority of your attention being focused on dodging incoming projectiles.
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