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Rhythm Destruction Patches
Download Rhythm Destruction Patch 1.5 1/29/2014

- Tweaked certain effects to be less CPU intensive
- Removed a need for inputting a CD key when creating an online account so you can have multiple accounts as requested

Download Rhythm Destruction Patch 1.4 10/22/2013

- Replaced loads of textures to make them more appealing
- Added a link on the main menu to see the DLC store
- Added support for DLC
- Added 7 new achievements for DLC stages as well as stages goals for new stages
- Automatically unlocked all stages from the start
- Added a notification on the main menu if there is a client update available for download
- Various bug fixes and stability issues resolved
- Forcing the "culture" setting to English (sorry, there were issues cropping up if your system settings were set to certain languages. I will try and resolve this in the next patch)
- Updated some loading screens

Download Rhythm Destruction Patch 1.3 (contains patch 1.2) 1/23/2013

- Added a better way to calibrate audio delay with a visual indicator
- Put the audio calibration in the flow of a user that has never seen it before
- Stability bug fixes for FPS improvement on some graphics cards
- Tweaks to make navigating with just the mouse better
- Added Casual Mode for new players or those that want to practice the tougher stages
- Changed a few stages goals
- Added some menu hints
- Fixed a bug in the RD Feed that made it never go to the next tab
- Updated some menu graphics
- New menu sound effects
- Tweaked the audio offset for every stage slightly
- Changing the global offset in the options menu now increments by 2 at a time instead of 10

Download Rhythm Destruction Patch 1.1 10/24/2012

- The number of pending & active challenges will now be displayed on the main menu
- New friend requests are now highlighted on the top user bar
- The Message guardian will no longer kill you if you fail to destroy it when it charges off screen
- Optimizations done for loading
- Every single point based stage goal has been reduced
- 10 new medals. Platinum scores for each level (most are the same as the old point goals)
- Made the hit boxes for walls more accurate (they were too big)
- A few minor changes to The Message, Tempo & Machine Rhythm
- The first attack of the 'You Bring the Rain' guardian has been tweaked to be a little easier
- Updated the graphic for the stage goal medals
- The current client version is now displayed on the log in screen
- No longer storing user passwords on the client
- Game should no longer lock up during the log in process
- Playing offline should now allow you to fully access the stages correctly
- Feed now displays all data properly before switching to the next tab
- A few medals have been fixed that weren't unlocking sometimes
- Sound engine optimizations
- Receiving all phenomenal grades during hyper sections will properly reward a 100% result

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